Our Services

Our support services are designed to help children of all ages with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, PDD, and developmental disabilities, meet their specific needs to ensure opportunities for a successful learning experience and achievement of academic goals..


Educational Behavioral consultation

Behavior Consultants provide education and support to staff assigned to work with clients with behavior challenges. Services are offered in a variety of educational settings. Behavior consultants work with the teachers and support staff to identify appropriate and effective strategies to address targeted behaviors and support clients to be successful in their assigned environment. 

Fee for Service: $95/hour 

Educational behavioral support planning

A Behavior Analyst will observe and assess the client in their academic/learning setting/environment to determine the most appropriate intervention and treatment strategies. A behavior plan will be developed in order to address the targeted behavior and any environmental changes needed to foster a positive learning experience. Training will be offered to those assigned to implement the plan to assure the efficacy and integrity of the interventions recommended. The behavior plan is a strategy to be used to support teachers, day program staff, our Spectrum Ed In Classroom Aids & Spectrum Ed Tutors. 

Fee for Service: $95/hour    (Typical time frame is 6 hours)



1:1 in classroom aid

Spectrum Ed Aids provide 1:1 in classroom support for your child.   Whether your child is requiring additional instruction, needs assistance to stay on task, or behaviors are getting in the way of learning, we can provide that 1:1 support for your child.   Our aids will follow the Spectrum Ed Behavior plan developed for your child to ensure your child is set up for academic success.

Fee for Service:  $30/hr (2 hr minimum)


Spectrum Ed Tutors work 1:1 with your child to further enrich the learning experience.  Our tutors specialize in molding the material your child is currently being taught in a way that best fits your child’s learning needs.  Our services are offered in home or in the community.

Fee for Service:  $68/hr (1 hr minimum)